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James Collins jamescollins31 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 10:39:35 UTC 2009

 We are looking to employ a financial assistant who'll handle a full inventory of monthly billings, payments and activities routed through him/her.
 We sell consumer electronics online. It has been a worthwhile and lucrative business. I am still in the process of uploading more pictures of our products  but you can check it out on http://www.primetroniks.com/ so you know I mean businessWe should be handling the whole business on here but having a local secretary handle payments and having many hands on deck has it's advantages, I travel a lot and when a buyer wants to make a purchase, and I'm on a company errand, he\she has to hold-on till I return, to place an order, and on the long term, the effect is our customers start sourcing for other suppliers, so having a secretary always at hand has its numerous advantages.
  We have lost too many deals due to this and I'm trying to put an end to it. I had a mobile secretary but we had to relieve her of the post due to inefficiency and low work output.
  We sell products mostly here in US and in London, UK. The best form of payment is via money orders as they are readily available and since payments come from a wide range of consumers these means is an easy option for those that prefer the old fashioned cash means and money order way of transaction plus it makes sure we confirm transactions even before receipt. Most of the buyers we work with are those we've previously handled successful transactions with, new buyers are verified by me so you have nothing to worry about. The mode of operation is, you receive the payment from buyers according to their preferred mode of payments directly from the individual buyer, in your mail, usually via ups or fedex and have them cashed at the bank.
  You send the payment to our suppliers/vendors when I need you to, or directly to the company and your pay is 8% of the amount sent to you.
   An average transaction is for $3,000.00 and upwards. All charges during cashing, sending of payments and transaction completion will be deducted from the balance after you've gotten your pay and not deducted from your pay so your pay is fixed on the amount cashed per transaction. You can handle as many as 3 transactions per week, but you'll be handling one (1) initially to see how efficiently and how quickly you can carry your tasks out and complete transactions.
On 3 transactions you're sure of at least $900 weekly. The hours are flexible and you can decide when you want to work. I don't need you online 24/7, just online on a daily basis and check your emails regularly.
   Working with me will also not disturb your other jobs, (If you have any) as I require that applicant only have easy access to the net, be reachable easily and respond/carry out instructions sent as soon as possible.

Please show your continued interest in this position by sending me your resume and the following info...

Full names...
Physical Address(No P.O.boxes, UPS does not deliver to p.o.boxes)...
Contact Numbers(CELL & Home)...
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James Collins.

Human Resources Manager.

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