[Build-common-hackers] Your e-mail address !!!

Kirshberger, Karin Christine kckirshberger at liberty.edu
Sat Oct 10 05:18:27 UTC 2009

42 Park Avenue,
Barbourne, Worcester, United Kingdom.


Your email address has just won you the sum of 120.000 Great Britain Pound on 
the on going Nokia Promotion UK In line with the commemorating event marking 
our 142nd anniversary we rolled out over £16,000.000.00 (Sixteen Million 
Great Britain Pounds) for our 142nd Anniversary Draws.All participants were 
selected through a computer ballot system drawn form 25,000 company e-mail 
addresses, and 30,000,00 individual e-mail addresses from the 45 networks 
from Australia,New Zealand, North America,South America,Europe,Asia and Africa 
as part of International Promotions Program, which is conducted annually in 
London,Britain.To begin the verification process of your prize,you are 
required to contact our Claims Department.For claims:

Nokia Net communication Center
Contact Person: Dr.Tom Rice
TEL: +44 702 402 5942
FAX: +44 871 503 1574
Email: Tom.rice_dept at live.com


NOTE: Immediately your reply to this office be concern to check your
e-mail within the next 30 minutes time for feed back.
Telephone calls is prohibited but allow faxes only.This promotion is the
1st of its kind and we intend to sensitize the

Best Regards.

Mrs. Donna Scottish

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