[Build-common-hackers] 2009 OECD Beneficiary Award Notification

Nguyen, Patricia M. pnguyen at rti.org
Fri Oct 16 05:13:07 UTC 2009

Dear Beneficiary,
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD has selected 3000 lucky individuals from the 30 member countries  and the other selected countries to benefit from their recent economic empowerment programme.This email notification confirms you as one of the lucky beneficiaries of this year's draw. Each of the beneficiaries are to receive the sum of $500,000.00 USD each.
Amongst the aims and objectives of this programme is to empower Individuals of Members Countries financially against the back drop of the global financial melt down affecting member countries and the other selected countries.
You are required to contact the Regional Claims Officer to the Board for quick processing and release of your funds to you.
Dr Fidel Zach
Regional Claims Officer to the Board.
Email: dr.fidel.zach at informaticos.com
Tel: +234-813-828-9701
Prof. David Dean
Programme Coordinator

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