[Build-common-hackers] a WAF class for CDBS

Rémi Thebault remi.thebault at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 09:23:35 UTC 2010

> >I don't get this. Do you expect a cdbs script to unpack the waf file (I 
> >don't know the format, but it is probably not so hard) and to checksum 
> >each file inside ?
> Nah, not checksum each file separately - unless it turns out that it is 
> indeed helpful to track the contained files individually.
> For now I "just" suggest to unpack the blob when failing, and emitting a 
> message to first check those files, then delete them and then apply the 
> magic checksum.

If I understand well:
1. If no safetybelt, we checksum the waf file with debian/waf.sha1sum
2. If the checksum fail, we unpack waf and display a relevant mesg like
     "waf checksum failed, check the content in debian/wafunpacked and
do `sha1sum ./waf > debian/waf.sha1sum`"
3. adding "rm -rf debian/wafunpacked" in clean target (could depend on
the safety belt)

Is this correct ?

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