[Build-common-hackers] a WAF class for CDBS

Rémi Thebault remi.thebault at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 18:13:19 UTC 2010

Hi Jonas

> A few comments on your recent changes:
> Arrrgh! Please be careful to commit each single logical code change 
> separately, with a concise commit message - so we are best able to see 
> via git changelog what has actually happened with the code. Better with 
> one commit too many than one too few!  You (again!) committed 
> autogenerated autotools files together with hand-coded changes, and 
> changes with more invasive changes than the corresponding commit 
> messages indicate!

Oups Sorry I just thought this was one logical change. I mean adding a
script AND including it in Makefile.am.
I 'll be more cautious in future

> Please avoid ifdef contruct!  I wrote bfore about this: it should 
> generally be avoided as it causes order of snippet inclusion to matter, 
> which is bad.  If you do not understand what I mean, then say so, and I 
> can try clarify.  If you disagree then say so, and we can discuss it.  
> Just being silent about my commenting on this while ignoring it, is 
> annoying!

Oups sorry again! I don't disagree and do understand. I just did it quite fast and changed it in last commit

> >I just have a little concern : the messages are drawn in too many 
> >output since I do the tests with shell if and everything is echoed.
> >I could put all those test and unpacking in a separate shell script and 
> >echo only what I need. Or do you prefer implementation only in 
> >makefile?
> I prefer using make $(warning ) and $(error ).

> Alternatively you can see utils.mk for an example of how to emit 
> pseudo-code while silencing more convoluted actual code including 
> shell-based error message.  But I don't recommend that - better to 
> simplify by using make instead of shell.

I did much better. No pollution output with only make instructions and
target-time var expansion .
I had to make some odd constructions to test shell commands return code
(like $(shell if cmd > /dev/null 2>&1; then echo something; fi)) but its
working fine.

> Did you look into the relevancy of doing checksum of individual files 
> inside the wad instead?

I will soon !

>   - Jonas
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