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COLE EVANS evanscole72 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 1 13:05:52 UTC 2010

I am Mr. Cole Evans , an attorney in law here in London.
I did contact you in the past without hearing from you, as I included your name in the file of a late client who made some deposit of cash here in a bank, and never heard from you, so I was surprise to notice that someone is contacting the bank in your name in this regard, with a bank account in the USA. Please, did you delegate anyone to contact the bank in your favor for this money, and why did you choose not to reply my earlier mail? I have already alerted the USA authorities and the bank about this, and have told them that, neither you nor myself did delegate anyone with that bank account for the transfer of the said money.
Source of the Money:
A late leader siphoned allot of money abroad when he was alive and in power with fictitious name ( Sachsa Jean), both here and in Switzerland. But unfortunately the one in Swiss bank has been unserviceable for a longer time, and has now been confiscated, as ruled by Claims Resolution Tribunal in Switzerland. I do not wish the one here in London to be confiscated too.
This money was deposited in the name of "Sachsa Jean" , you can find out about what I am telling you in this web site;
Claims Resolution Tribunal
P.O. Box 9564, 8036 Zurich Switzerland.
I acted as a legal adviser to this late leader, and now that this money has been here and the bank has made allot of profit with it, and they alerted me when this intruder contacted them in your name.
We are going to negotiate on terms and conditions of this claim, so I will be pleased if you can immediately call and discuss with me on my mobile number +44-7011183050.
You can equally reply me through email, and make sure you give this mail an urgent attention it deserves, and please, do not fail to do away with this mail if you are not interested in this, and do let me know, so that I will know what to tell the bank.
Do not take this as one of those mails you get on the net, with empty promises and fraudulent intents.
Your Prompt response will be highly appreciated.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Cole Evans

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