[Build-common-hackers] Your Parcel Is Ready For Delivery

UNITED PARCEL SERVICE deliveryservice at ups.com
Tue Jan 19 08:47:00 UTC 2010


We have been authorized by Heal the World Foundation (HTWF) to contact you
concerning the payment for the delivery of your parcel containing a cheque
of €600,000.00 (Six hundred thousand euros) to your stated address.You
have been awarded this grant from HTWF as part of the 2010 universal
charity organization development program.

Please contact the delivery officer in charge with the information below.

Mr. Stevens Herbert
Email: mdsherbert at hotmail.com
United Parcel Service,
Delivery Office, 
London, UK.
Phone: +447024030668

You are also required to fill the questionnaire below.

Full Name:......
Phone Number:........
Address Where you want the parcel to be delivered: ......

Your quick action is required as freight shipment will begin soon.

Best regards
Mr. David Hudson
Parcel Delivery Manager

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