[Build-common-hackers] Sorry for the Delay in Contacting you

Nija Bryant (Student) nija_bryant_00 at subr.edu
Sun Jan 31 07:14:12 UTC 2010

Good day,
My name is Jane George, the next of kin to my husband who died 2 months ago. I am very sorry for the delay in contacting you, i have not been available for sometime now due the burial activities of my husband. 
I received a call from Mr Odeh Bennet of FedEx Shipping Agency Nigeria 2 days ago informing me that the parcel sent to you by my husband had not been delivered, because your delivery address was invalid.Therefore the parcel has been in their vault for about 2 months and a week now and it has incurred a demurrage fee of $284 USD which must be cleared before delivery.
I was never aware that my husband sent anyone a parcel.So I had to go through some of his personal belongings to ascertain if this claim by FedEx Nigeria was genuine.I finally discovered from his personal diary that a Parcel was sent on the 19th of November, 2009 containing an ATM MASTER CARD worth $125,000 USD packaged inside a Diary so that no one would notice the content.The parcel details as stated in his personal diary are; parcel Number (PNL0972-NG ) and shipment code ( FSAC/FRN/9856).
I also learnt that the initial delivery charges has been cleared by my husband,the only fee left Un-paid now is the Demurrage fee of $284 USD only. I am financially handicapped to foot this bill at the moment. So you would have to pay FedEx this fee for your parcel delivery to commence.
Note that, you are to quote the parcel Number (PNL0972-NG ) and shipment code ( FSAC/FRN/9856) when contacting Mr Odeh Bennet the Senior Clearance Officer of FedEx Nigeria to enable him initiate the process of a new delivery.  
Contact : Mr.Odeh Bennet 
{Senior Clearance Officer }
E-mail:fedex.dispatch.unit1 at admin.in.th
Tel: +2347059588977
nija Bryant George.

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