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Christian H. Johnston. Jr. johnston.jr1 at w.cn
Fri Jul 2 16:08:58 UTC 2010



I am Christian Hamilton Johnston, a British Citizen,  an adopted son of
late Harry Hamilton Johnston, and his wife Evelyn Johnston as my parents /

At the age of (10yrs) I was made to understand that my late father /
guardian married for (15yrs) fifteen years without a child before I was
adopted into the family.

At that same years, after the death of my late father / guardian, I was
baptize under the parental guardian of my mother and Rev. John Kelly of
the catholic diocese who really stood by our side to assisted us after the
death of our father / guardian.

After my baptism, my mother / guardian who was suffering from chronic
cancer of the lungs latter died (5yrs) five years after the death of her
husband, am now left under the parental guardian of Rev. John Kelly of the
catholic diocese of Cambridge and a lady staff  of the social welfare
office  who were responsible for my education carrier at oxford

To God be the glory, before her death in London,  she called my attention
to ascertain some of my late father / guardian proofs of vital documents
of  huge amount of money he secured with a storage firm in Ghana, when
working with the Ghana Embassy in Liberia.

My late mother / guardian advise me that the huge amount was propose to do
the work of God for a better  life, because she does not want me to surfer
in the hands of my late father relatives, I should keep it confidential
from the relatives who are not Christians, because  the money is not for
them., so she does not want the money to be misused by unbelievers for
their own selfish interest and ungodly manner.

Having known my condition, I need the assistance of Christian individual
or God-fearing person  that will assist me utilize this money the way I am
going to instruct, because my late guardians wanted  to build Orphanage
home and also, the propagation of the work of God, building and
maintaining the house of God with this money, as propose by my late
father. which is very importantânt.

The Bible made us to understand that Blessed is the hand that grivet. I
took this decision because am not married and I don't have any blooded
relatives that will inherit, I am not afraid of death hence I know where I
am going.
I know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord. (Exodus 14 VS 14)
says that the lord will fight my case and I shall hold my peace.

Presently, am in Accra under the council of catholic missionaries in
Ghana, I don't need any telephone communication in this regard because of
my situation and because of the presence of my other relatives around me
in the camp, but sometimes, but if there is urgent need for that we shall
communicate, as I don't want them to know about this development, but I
know that With God all things are possible.

Any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing for a church or
Christian individual for this same purpose. Please assure me that you will
act accordingly as I stated herein. Hoping to hear from you soon on
Email.johnston.jr at w.cn,  Cell Phone:00233545054735

Remain blessed in the name of the Lord.

Yours in Christ,
Christian H. Johnston. Jr.

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