[Build-common-hackers] Bug#587373: Bug#587373: cdbs: python-distutils.mk: Installs scripts with a versioned shebang

Stefano Rivera stefano at rivera.za.net
Wed Jun 30 12:12:18 UTC 2010

tag 587373 - patch

> Would you happen to know if that option is new or we can safely use this  
> also for e.g. backports?

I don't know. I need to do some more historical research.

> Would it perhaps be better to always pass this option, also for specific  
> versions of Python?

The problem isn't with versions of python, but the different libraries
that setup.py may be using.

It looks like I need to do some more testing, I've found some packages
that would FTBFS with this.


Stefano Rivera
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