[Build-common-hackers] Running scons twice with cdbs

Adrian Knoth adi at drcomp.erfurt.thur.de
Fri Oct 29 13:05:29 UTC 2010

[Note: Jonas asked me to resent this question to the list. I'm not
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There were some bugreports against ffado yesterday. One of them is
caused by FFADO being compiled with debugging enabled.


Given that normally nobody needs this, I'd like to revert to DEBUG=0 as
an scons argument.

On the other hand, debugging output (it's #ifdef'ed printfs, not
debugging symbols, asserts and so on) is useful if things don't work.

How about building the lib twice, one time with DEBUG=0 and a second
time with DEBUG=1?

Problem is that both commands result in the same libffado.so.x.y file,
so we cannot install them both to /usr/lib/. But I feel it's ok to place
the DEBUG=0 version in /usr/lib/ and the DEBUG=1 lib somewhere else.

If someone wants to see debug output, he then uses LD_LIBRARY_PATH to
point to this special location. If need be, I could provide a helper
script, e.g. ffado-debug, that's used to prefix the normal startup
commands, i.e. /usr/bin/ffado-debug /usr/bin/jackd -d firewire...

Question is: does cdbs support such an approach? Perfect solution would
be to have both libs in the same package (libffado2), but if need be, I
could live with libffado-dbg (I guess that's what cdbs clearly supports,
given that we build ardour-i686 and ardour from the same source).

Right now, I've implemented it this way:


I wonder if this is something common that cdbs wants to address.


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