[Build-common-hackers] problems with multi-binary package

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Aug 17 18:54:36 UTC 2011

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hi all,

(hopefully this won't get through twice; i accidentally first sent this
mail from the wrong email account)

i'm currently trying to package a multi-binary package, and have
troubles doing so:

in short: i want to package "foo" which creates "libfoo2, libfoo-dev,
libfoo-doc and foo-utils"

now foo-utils contains a program "footil" that links against
libfoo.so.2, provided by libfoo2

the problem is, that shlibdeps fails with "libfoo.so.2 couldn't be
found; needed for debian/foo-utils/usr/bin/footil (ELF-Format:
»elf32-i386«; RPATH: »«)."

indeed, looking at the contents of debian/, i see that debian/libfoo2/
has not been populated yet: of the 4 binpackages, only libfoo-doc and
foo-utils have already files in their directories; files from libfoo-dev
and libfoo2 are still in debian/tmp/

i guess this somehow adds up to dpkg-shlibdeps not knowing where
libfoo.so.2 is supposed to come from.

according to the dbs-documentation, i should add an explicit dependency
between foo-utils and libfoo2, si i added

binary/foo-utils:: binary/libfoo2

but to no avail (i first added it at the end of my makefile, but then i
read that it has to be done _before_ including buildcore.mk, so i added
it at the very beginning...still no luck)

any ideas?

PS: the repository is git+ssh://git.debian.org/collab-maint/assimp.git
my debian/rules file is at [2]

[1] http://build-common.alioth.debian.org/cdbs-doc.html#id2542963
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