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IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Feb 3 16:30:07 UTC 2011

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hi all,

i'm currently trying to create CDBS snippets for packaging
kernel-modules, both traditional "-source" packages and modern "-dkms"

i started with dkms rules, and now i have a number of questions. here is

- - dkms packages are supposed to install into /usr/src/<pkgname>-<version>
now i do believe that once a package is properly packaged, a new
upstream release should involve only a minimal set of changes in debian/
apart from debian/changelog and a possible update of debian/patches/, i
see no need to touch any other file (given that nothing has changed
dramatically in the upstream sources). e.g. having to change
<pkgname>.install to reflect the new upstream version is superfluous.
so the idea is to autogenerate things whenever possible.
e.g. one could generate debian/<pkgname>.install from
debian/<pkgname>.install.in, by doing simple substitution (in my case i
would substitute something like @VERSION@ for $(DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION))

now i see 2 possible issues:
- - is this allowed at all? e.g. afair debian/control MUST NOT be
generated automatically, does this also apply to other files normally
found (and searched for!) in debian/
- - if it were allowed, what would be a good strategy to make this as
modular as possible? e.g. imagine snippetX would like to generate
debian/<pkgname>.install from debian/<pkgname>.install.in and snippetY
would like to do so as well. i think the two substitutions should both
be applied, but how do i do this properly?

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