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Mrs. Yvonne Vera Nyambuya mrs.yvonnenyambuya at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 3 20:53:31 UTC 2011

Greetings Dear Friend,

Please permit me to introduce myself. I am Mrs. Yvonne Vera Nyambuya, the
wife of the former Minister of Energy & Power Development of Zimbabwe "
Lieutenant General (RTD) Michael Rueben Nyambuya.

I humbly appeal and seek your assistance in a business transaction that
requires your ability to be my family Trustee, to receive, invest and
manage a huge some of money on behalf of my family, pending when my son
would be matured enough to take over the investments. The money in question
is Commission proceeds of US$10.4 Million which Chevron Oil Company wants
to pay my family, for the oil exploration contract awarded to Chevron by my
husband when he was still in active service as the Minister of Energy &
Power Development.

Due to the recent Government ban on payment of Commission on awarded oil
exploration contracts by Oil Companies in Zimbabwe and coupled with the
faceoff between my husband and the President " Robert Mugabe ", which led
to my husband detention in Prison. The Management of Chevron Oil have
therefore decided not to pay the money directly to my family, to avoid
being sanctioned.

They (Chevron Oil) requested my family to appoint a foreign trustee that
will receive, invest and manage the money on behalf of my family. This is
my reason for sending you this mail.
A legal binding of Trusteeship Agreement shall be reached between you and
my family, to protect the interest of both parties.

I will give you further details as soon as i get your response because I
am presently taking refuge in a nearby country with my little son. I look
forward to your urgent reply.

Mrs. Yvonne Vera Nyambuya

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