[Build-common-hackers] How to omit --dbg-package for certain binary packages

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Sat Jun 4 01:16:05 UTC 2011

Hi Jonas,

in the pkg-gnome team we use cdbs and we have several packages which build
different flavors (eg. deb/udeb builds or gtk/gnome builds).

As an example

Binary: evince
Binary: evince-gtk
Binary: evince-dbg

envince-gtk is a flavour of the evince build with different configure options
(basically all gnome deps disabled).

Now, as debian/control contains a evince-dbg package, cdbs will call
dh_strip --dbg-package=evince-dbg for *all* binary packages.
In case of evince-gtk, we don't want that, as this would overwrite the detached
debugging symbols of the evince binary package.

For this we used a "hack":

DEB_DH_STRIP_ARGS_evince-gtk = --dbg-package=

This no longer works with debhelper compat level 8 and one gets
"Option dbg-package requires an argument"
when calling dh_strip -pevince-gtk --dbg-package=

Do you have a suggestion, how to omit the --dbg-package option for evince-gtk in
a clean way using cdbs?


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