[Build-common-hackers] Bug#627968: Bug#627968: Bug#627968: Commenting the Package stanza in the control file

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jun 14 08:24:18 UTC 2011

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On 2011-06-11 13:20, Regid Ichira wrote:
>   I actually used the documentation in a pdf format.  I can't find the specific 
> file
> I used before.
>   Now I found 
> http://build-common.alioth.debian.org/cdbs-doc.html#basic-settings.
> Can't one set DEB_PACKAGES,and all the other variables,the way
> I tried to?
>   I did notice that, in general, the variables should be set after the rule
> fragments are included.  Even though the patch in 627968 set them before the 
> fragments inclusion, I did try the other order too.

ah, it seems like the documentation is unclear about which variables are
writeable and which are read-only.

e.g. cdbs guarantees you, that DEB_VERSION is set to an apropriate value
(presumably by reading debian/changelog), but you (as the user) cannot
override the "full Debian version" in debian/rules file (and thus
provide conflicting information in debian/rules and debian/changelog)

the same goes for DEB_*PACKAGES: debian/control is the canonical source
for which packages to build, and DEB_*PACKAGES parses the file for you
and gives you that information in a nice variable for you to _read_ the
values from, and not to change the values.

i'd suggest to make a distinction between "read-write" and "readonly"
variables in the documentation, and replace "use" by "read" where

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