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Greetings from Mrs. Cecilia Stonier

I am Mrs. Cecilia Stonier, a British citizen; I am 69 years old dying woman without any child. After going through your personal information through the internet, I decided to contact you personally for friendship and execution of humanitarian project on my behalf. I was pleased with the bit of information I gathered about you and decided to make a free will donation through you for establishment of charity foundation. I decided to donate the sum of (US$ 2,600,000.00) out of my inheritance to you for charity work in the society. Please be informed that I cannot run this project by my self because I was diagnosed with a deadly cancer which has seriously injured me and has refused all forms of medication. According to my doctor, he made it known to me that my condition is critically bad now, that I may not live for long because of the injury I have sustained as a result of this sickness. I will be going for my surgical treatment soon and I don’t know
 what the result will be, I don’t want this fund to be used for any kind of ungodly activities, or my brother-in-laws to use this fund on evil activities because they don’t care about humanity all they want is to rob me. This is why I want to be sure that this fund will be transferred before my travel. Be informed that this fund was deposited in a bank on the 7th November 2005 in an ESCROW A/C under a confidential arrangement for safe keeping by my late husband Edward Stonier and all the deposit documents concerning the fund are in my position. I have prayed concerning this donation, asking God to provide a God fearing and kindhearted candidate that will work judiciously with this fund, a candidate that can set up a foundation and provide job opportunity to those in need.

I want you to set up a small business where they can produce handmade products and sell them to people. I know that this will help to improve their helpless situations. I also want you to use this fund to restore the hope of the down trodden. I believe in God and I put my trust in him, my faith tells me that I shall not die on the cause of this surgery, but will live to declare the glory of the Lord while here in the land of the living. I want you to know that my late husband (Mr. Edward Stonier) was a senior custom officer; before he died, and he used his position in the office to loot people and took possession of their personal belongings and converts them to his own personal property. But as a new convert, I detest such wealth since it is not pleasing in the Lords sight and in my integrity; I have decided to donate this fund for the good work of the Lord towards Charity. It dose not give me joy when I see people been deprived of their rights or been
 humiliated by others. Now my husband died without acknowledging God as Lord, without giving up his evil ways and confessing his sins to God; he died without even making peace with his relatives.

Now because of his selfish interest, he was rejected among his family members; above all, God did not allow us a single child all through our days in marriage till he died. I did every thing humanly possible as a woman to have a child but all effort was in vain, when I suggested of child adoption my husband did not support the idea. Our Lord in his mightiness is my only comforter and I pray that my decision of contacting you shall be given a genuine approval and the Lord will show us his approval and make our efforts successful in this gracious work. I know that this assignment will disengage you from some of your personal activities; therefore, I have mapped out 10% of the fund to compensate you for this assignment while 90% will be used for humanitarian work it self. I will give you more details after confirming your acceptance to carry out this gracious work. Please confirm your readiness to carry out this work. God bless you, please as you receive
 this gift of sacrifice, share it and give God all the Glory.

Yours in the Lord,

Mrs. Cecilia Stonier.
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