[Build-common-hackers] Documenting CDBS

Marc Dequènes (Duck) duck at duckcorp.org
Thu Mar 24 22:53:52 UTC 2011


> Quoting Felipe Sateler <fsateler at debian.org>:
>> Well, yes and no. I do want to have better CDBS docs, and am willing
>> to take the challenge, but I don't really have much time. I would hate
>> to stand in the way of others (I started going through the docs but I
>> barely made it throught the first couple of paragraphs). And if
>> someone can do this faster than me, then it would be great!

Did anything happen on this front?

My documentation is now a few versions late, so even if it is mostly  
bugfix releases, a few updates are certainly needed. A few other  
things are missing or need to be improved too. Even if DH7+ is  
stealing most of our userbase, i think it's not yet time to stop the  
maintenance. I'll probably work on this in a not so far future, but i  
wont have time to change the format. If someone is already working on  
the fusion/format change, i may just contribute to this version  
instead of mine. So, if anyone's working on this, please let me know.


Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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