[Build-common-hackers] 23.10.2011

Captain McCulley Hord. admin at amia-empleos.org.ar
Sun Oct 23 22:50:48 UTC 2011


I am sorry to intrude into your privacy; I am a military man,presently  on an assignment in Kabul, Afghanistan. Please I am searching for an assistance to help me secure an asset of very high value to me worth 16.2Million Dollars.

This mail is quite so unusual and can be turned down if you do not wish to work with me, anyway if you are willing to assist me, do get
back to me, with your full name , your country and your private phone number.

Unfortunately I speak only English, I hope that will not be a problem.Due to security reason our dealing with be with maximum

On the other hand if you do not intend to work with me, kindly delete this e-mail. If I get no response from you after 3 days, I shall
search for another person.

Captain McCulley Hord.
ctp.mcculley at w.cn

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