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Layne Davlin, NetPEO layne at netpeo.com
Thu Aug 16 15:23:36 UTC 2012

For a company to survive, if not thrive over the past 12 years, 
one has to ask, What is the secret to overcoming the past decade 
of challenges?	

To find the answers...we went straight to the source, NetPEO 
founder & operator, Layne Davlin. 

   Located in the heart of Georgia sits the office and the 
tenured professionals who make up  the dedicated team at NetPEO. 
Amongst that group, includes entrepreneur, Layne Davlin, a leader 
in the PEO industry for over 23 years. 

  In efforts to break down what Layne & his team have done to 
surpass the success barrier, we asked some honest questions. 
Here is what we learned from the NetPEO leader's answers:

 What are the Top 5 Things That Have Made NetPEO Successful Over 
the Past 12 Years? 

1. "NetPEO is business friendly. We cater to the small and mid 
size businesses, and find the best match for our clients."

2. "We support & expedite the whole process, so providing 
competitive quotes is easy." 

3. "NetPEO helps educated the business community on the benefits 
of using a PEO for their business." 

4. "Our quick turnaround for quotes is one more reason to use 

5. "We provide ongoing support to our clients, we become the 
advocate for our clients interests with the PEO they chose."

   Additionally, when asked what NetPEO as a business is all 
about, Mr. Davlin shed light on the following:

What was your core inspiration to start NetPEO?

   "What people do not know is that not every prospect fits every
 PEO. With so many choices, how does a business owner get through
 the differences to find the ONE that will provide the services 
they need and want? That would take a lot of time!  We do that 
work for them.	We find the best solutions for their specific 

   "NetPEO matches the buyers and the sellers so the PEOs we 
provide quotes from PEOs that WANT your business. Actually, they 
target your kind of business, and we provide the cut through to 
make that bridge.  In all honestly...we are the leverage that 
makes the benefits to our clients so valuable."

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