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Layne Davlin, NetPEO layne at netpeo.com
Wed Dec 5 11:13:10 UTC 2012

As part of our American culture and holiday habits, we just rolled off one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year, and with that we even celebrated the one of first Small Business Saturdays, supported by even the big business of those like Amex. Excited about the chance for the smaller to midsize business to also spend their day in the sun among the big box commercials and door busters, I was motivated to also highlight a small business I felt worthy of celebration. What I did not expect in my quest, and the end result of this excerpt, was to celebrate a small business which lives and breaths small business Saturday, everyday. 

The business I found holds its name as NetPEO and stands at more then 12 years strong. To understand their business concept, you must also understand that NetPEO functions as one business, yet the core of its business is made from the strength of many small businesses, equating to an insurmountable force to be reckoned with. And yes, you heard that correct-    A Business Made to Succeeded Because of the Small Businesses it Supports and is Made Up Of.

I don’t know about you, but if there is anything I have heard, read and known in my many years of business workings, is that often-smaller businesses are always seeking for that leverage point to place them in line with or to compete with larger companies. It is not until they find that leverage point, or by some other small miracle, are they able to gain movement and compete fairly. Now, without little effort, NetPEO provides that opportunity, providing smaller businesses security and the power of a stronger voice to live another season, if not years to come. 

So how is this even possible, especially with the weight and red tape of taxes, benefits, small business relations and restrictions? Well, let me tell you, and you might even want to take note, as NetPEO operates under the strictest of legal guidelines and functions as one of the first of now thousands of PEO organizations. What NetPEO does bottom line, is provides its clients with the largest pool of benefit options (even under the new Affordable Care Act), lowest workers compensation rates, inclusion into processing tax credits, cheapest and most dependable payroll processing, supplying immediate human resource answers and support, paperless back office systems, the security of keeping your businesses legal (state and federal), and continues to do all of this while maintaining the highest of customer service recognition (with the awards to prove it ).

Because NetPEO operates as the responsible entity on behalf of your small business, they assume the liability, reducing your potential legal costs. They also are able to function as a larger business entity due to the hundreds of small business, their clients, shielded under their umbrella, hence the huge discounts on business expendables passed onto you, the client. It’s actually brilliant when you think about it, and because it has been and will forever be a legal format of business operation, any small business not taking advantage of it will be soon to loose ground. 

If you question me on that, remember when someone first mentioned social media as a tool to survive small business promotion (who knew that things like Facebook and Twitter were going to be in your corner and best interest come marketing)? Those who didn’t listen back then, have found themselves now a decade back trying to make up ground, social media and marketing wise.

So I ask you if you are still not sure if NetPEO or a PEO company 
is the right tool for future success?.......After talking to Layne
Davlin the owner and operator of NetPEO, he assured me that anyone 
wanting a free analysis at no cost to them, was on him. 

I am a business owner myself, and anyone who considers him or 
herself a true entrepreneur, should not refuse an opportunity to 
get a leg ahead on their competitors. 

So why is this new info to you, especially as a business owner? 
Let’s just say, why would anyone let the cat out of the bag when 
the cat and the bag are the future of small business operation. 
I would like to claim credit as being the one to release this 
information, but the truth is, PEOs have been functioning for 
many years and their clients are growing in operation and success. 
All I can do as I intended is spotlight a small to midsize business 
that lives up to assisting other businesses owners in reaching 
their entrepreneurial potential, hence, NetPEO as my focus. 

In short summary, NetPEO has left me with the feeling that someone 
else is out there helping others achieve the American dream. Maybe 
one day some of these small to midsize businesses will become 
themselves a big box retailer, provider, or franchise providing 
Black Friday Deals. But for now, until they reach that point, it’s 
comforting to know someone, another business like NetPEO, is at 
least supplying the ability for them to do so. 

Why NetPEO? 
More the 12 years ago today, NetPEO opened its doors, establishing 
itself as one of the first functional PEO companies within the 
nation. Now mind you, this is one feat of desirable notoriety, 
as PEOs did not gain full functionality until 1994 under the 
(NAPEO) National Association of Professional Employer Organization, 
and that still does not include the levels of PEO functionality 
NetPEO incorporates. Besides paving the way, one should also 
consider the range of economic events that have occurred over the 
past decade, and for any company able to survive if not thrive, 
deserves a moment of recognition. 

This is why I have taken the time to highlight a company who has 
withstood the test of time, in the hardest of times, but also 
spotlight a strong growing industry many of us are new to 
So CHEERS to PEO's, Who Knew? 

NetPEO 678-376-1212 www.NetPEO.com

330 S Culver Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
United States

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