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heritage.music257 heritage.music257 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 18:53:46 UTC 2012

Dear Sir/Ma,

Thanks in advance for your anticipated response .

As you are already aware, i am the General manager and owner of
Bhanushali Exp Imp. headquarter of the entire Bhanushali Exp Imp
group.We are a trading company base in Asia and the middle east with
branches in most of the GCC countries.

If you have visited our website you will observed that we are highly
reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Packaging Machinery
required in pharmaceutical,food,chemical, cosmetic & beverages
industries.Before we commence i will like you to know
that we are transparent in our dealing with you and that you should
remove any form of doubt about the entire transaction.

There is no risk in this transaction, it is straight forward and
transparent, the whole process will take few days to
complete.Currently, our company is undergoing a financial crises that
is threatening our existence for the last five month and as such
we have applied as a shareholders receiving dividends yield with a U.S
company which have been approved for released.The amount involved is
One Hundred and Forty Million Dollar but only $650,900.00 have been
approved which will be release to us in installment.

This fund is accrual through accumulated dividend yield which my
company is entitled to as a full credit long-term capital gains with
this U.S company but base on the company policy the dividend can only
be paid through a US banks. This is the challenges we face
as we do not have a corporate bank account in your country.I have
contacted you to know if you will be willing to act as a reliable
sources for my company in your country to provide this account where
this fund will be transferred.

All that is required of you is to open a new  Account with online
access at any US bank like Frostbank,Chase bank, Schwab bank,Tdbank
,usaa.com,State Farm Bank, scottrade  due to their fast and effective
service delivery system or you may use an existing bank account,
provided you withdraw all the fund in this account before providing us
with the online access information to enable my account manager take
assessment of the progress of this transaction.And should you decide
to open a new bank account, you will
be duly reimbursed for any expenses incurred in the cause of setting
up this account.

When fund is wire to your account , once cleared and available, you
will deduct  10% commission from each proceeds to your bank
account,including  transfer charges and forward the balance to us.This
way we will be able to increase our net worth and have tremendous
control,income protection and growth potential that we are current
lacking.I want to reassure you that every process of this transaction
is within the regulation and compliance of International Monetary

I will appreciate if you can get back to me  with your response and
see how we can expendite possibilities on how the fund can be
transferred within the next few weeks.Please try to be in constant
contact with me, it is very important we communicate on daily basis so
we can actualize this project within the shortest possible time

Best regards.


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