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I crave your indulgence to get in contact with you with this piece of information. First i will like to give you brief information about the deal i am to present to you.I am an offshore portfolio manager in a company that trades in forex. I handle a lot of cash to cash (c2c) transaction in large volumes. Most clients who have large volume of C2C forex do so to avoid paper trail of such financial transactions because of the nature of payments they want to use such funds for. Ours is to arrange for cash payment of whatever volume to such clients at a convenient location after confirmation of remittance of the local currency equivalent into our company’s trading account.

Early last January, I arranged a C2C for an old client from Libya who needed 10.2 million dollars in cash for a business transaction in Spain. He remitted the local currency equivalent into our trading account in Libya and was to collect the 10.2 million dollar cash in Spain by first week of April, 2011. By end of April, 2011, he did not show up in Spain for his fund and I sent several messages to him but did not receive any response. Shockingly in October, I was reliably informed that he was killed in Libyan revolution crises. Interestingly the transaction was just between him and me as the offshore portfolio manager and till now he is been expected in Spain for collection of the 10.2 million dollars. My company is not aware of the death of this client and now, I wish to arrange for the release of the money to someone who will be willing to cooperate with me. I can authorize the release of the fund to you for our mutual benefit because it is in my authority to do so.

What I need is the conviction that you have the capacity to receive and invest such volume of fund in a legal business for our mutual benefit. Please email me to indicate your interest to pull this deal with me. I wish to stop for now until I am certain we can do this together, then I will give you details. write me on my email to show your interest. vanwayne71 at yahoo.com

wayne evans.

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