[Build-common-hackers] INVESTMENT PROPOSAL!

Dr. Aabirah Zaina yhyieh at singnet.com.sg
Thu Dec 5 15:46:50 UTC 2013

Top of the day to you.

Please excuse me for intruding into your privacy My name is Miss. Aabirah Zaina i am a doctor working with NATO over here in Syria. I have some money I made in the president of Syrian compound Bashar al-Assads during our search in rescue team NATO. Please i will need your help to invest this fund in a profitable and lucrative business over there in your country.

I was encouraged to focus in your country because the economy is growing at a stable rate which promotes investment growth and profitability. I am not a greedy woman, as i am ready to give you 25 percent of this fund as soon as you have received it for investment proper over there in your country. 

If you feel we can do this together judiciously with TRUST then please reply and get back to me on the below email.

Doctor Aabirah Zaina 
aabirah08 at gmail.com 

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