[Build-common-hackers] Your payment

Barr. Aloy Obalim aloyobalim at outlook.com
Fri Dec 20 09:26:06 UTC 2013


I am Barr. Aloy Obalim, by name and I am writing you this email message
regarding your unpaid Fund,  My Dear; I wish to inform you that the people
you are dealing with are not the real people that is in position to release
your Fund to you that is the reason why it¡¦s impossible for you to received
your fund, why can't you deal with the bank appointed to handle the Transfer
of your Fund instead of sending money to people that will not help you get
your fund.

If only you will response back to me upon receipt of this email notification
and follow my instruction, I will personally direct you to the appointed
paying Bank were you will be paid instead of wasting your hard earn money
and time on these hoodlums.

As it may interest you to know all this money you have been sending would
have completed your payment transmission before now if you heard contact the
appointed paying Bank. Email me back only on this
email{aloyobalim at outlook.com} for more information on how you will received
your UN-paid Fund from the appointed paying Bank.

I shall be expecting to read from you only if you needed my assistance on
this matter.

Barr. Aloy Obalim

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