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   From Mr. John Weiss  Tel: +27-6735568592        My Dear Friend,       This proposal might come to you as a surprise since it is from someone you do not know or had meant before, I had to contact you believing that you are a reputable person and as such you cannot run away with my own share of the money at the conclusion of this transaction, i promise and assure you that it's 100% risk free.        I am Mr. John Weiss, The director, and coordinator of Finance and Contract Department of the Minerals and Energy with South African Government. The crux of this letter is that the finance/contract department of the DME deliberately over-inflated the contract values of the various contract awarded. In the course of disbursement of the original contract value, my office was able to track down the sum of US$34 Million Dollars as the over-invoiced sum. This money is now floating in the DME domiciliary account with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).         I and my colleagues now want to quickly transfer this fund to a safe nominated foreign account for possible investment abroad. We are not allowed as a matter of government policy to operate any foreign account because of our status as civil/public servants. Hence the needs to solicit for a partner abroad to enable us transfer this money into your foreign bank account. Upon your acceptance of this proposal, we have also agreed on a sharing ratio of;        1. 25% for you as the account owner  2. 70% for I and my colleagues  3. 5% will be set aside to defray all incidental expenses both locally and internationally during the course of this transaction, which will be shared at the end of the transaction according to each parties input.          Furthermore, we shall be coming over to your country when the money is finally in your account and we shall be relying on your advice as regards to the investment of our share. Be informed that this business is genuine and 100% safe considering the high powered government officials involved.        Please do send to me below stated details which will be used to apply to the bank for the release of the said amount.        (1)        Your Full Names,      (2)        Your Full Address.    (3)        Your Telephone Number     (4)        Age     (5)        Occupation        This is to effect the swift transfer of this fund into your account in less than 14 working days. Contact me strictly via my email address or my private phone number, while looking forward to a healthy business relationship with you.           Yours Faithfully,     Mr. John Weiss  Tel: +27-735568592  
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