[buildd-tools-devel] [GIT] schroot annotated tag, release/schroot-1.1.1, created. release/schroot-1.1.1

Roger Leigh rleigh at alioth.debian.org
Sat Aug 1 14:42:00 UTC 2009

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "schroot".

The annotated tag, release/schroot-1.1.1 has been created
        at  9de9eadb2bd4abb793eb9acc1076b0b524f33a5a (tag)
   tagging  585acc2e2e62cdb47df21f8665d627c7e8b4021b (commit)
  replaces  release/schroot-1.1.0
 tagged by  Roger Leigh
        on  Sat Sep 15 13:34:05 2007 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
schroot version 1.1.1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Luk Claes (4):
      Updated po/sv.po for schroot
      Updated po/vi.po
      Updated po/cs.po
      Fix some whitespaces, document bugnumber for po/fr.po in debian/changelog

Roger Leigh (43):
      * debian/changelog: Bump version to 1.1.1.
      * NEWS: Document changed syslog behaviour.
      * Translation updates.
      * po/de.po: Updated German translation.  Thanks to Helge
      * po/de.po: Update German translation.  Thanks to Jens Seidel.
      * README, schroot/schroot-setup.5.in, schroot/schroot.conf.5.in:
      * dchroot/dchroot-main-base.cc: Add translator comment.
      * schroot/schroot.1.in: Fix a number of minor typos.  Thanks to Jens Seidel.
      * debian/schroot.init: Add LSB init info and use LSB init
      * schroot/schroot-listmounts-main.cc
      * schroot/schroot-listmounts-main.cc (list_mounts): Ensure path
      * schroot/schroot-listmounts-main.cc (list_mounts): Ensure path
      * sbuild/sbuild-i18n.h: Remove commented-out macro.
      * Merge from schroot-1.0 branch.
      * doc/schroot.dox.in: Add csbuild.
      * schroot/setup/50sbuild: Create user home directory if it doesn't
      * debian/changelog: Create new packages sbuild-common, libsbuild1
      * Move schroot, dchroot, dchroot and csbuild to a new
      * AUTHORS: Add Federico Di Gregorio.
      * Remove schroot, dchroot, dchroot-dsa and csbuild directories,
      * bin/schroot-base/Makefile.am: New file, based on
      * bin/schroot-base/schroot-base-option-action.(cc|h): New class to
      * bin/schroot-base/Makefile.am (libschroot_base_la_SOURCES): Add
      * bin/schroot-base/schroot-base-main.h: Add TODO item.
      * Update all classes derived from schroot_base::main to specify
      * bin/schroot-base/schroot-base-option-action.h: Replace
      * test/schroot-base-option-action.cc: New file, unit test for
      * po/POTFILES.in: Updated with new file locations.
      * Replace all files in bin/csbuild with schroot-releaselock
      * bin/schroot/setup/50sbuild: Fix syntax error in test.
      * bin/schroot-base/schroot-base-options.h: Added actions options
      * bin/csbuild/csbuild-debian-changes.(cc|h): New class, base class
      * bin/csbuild/csbuild-debian-changes.h: Indent method arguments,
      * po/POTFILES.in: Updated with new file locations.
      * NEWS: Document the environment-filter key.
      * NEWS: Document the environment-filter key.
      * bin/schroot/schroot-options-base.cc
      * sbuild/sbuild-run-parts.cc
      * test/Makefile.am (LOCAL_CXXFLAGS): Use $(top_srcdir) rather than
      * sbuild/sbuild-environment.cc
      * Update translations with new strings (require translation).
      * debian/changelog: Document packaging of only a static library.
      * Version 1.1.1.



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