[buildd-tools-devel] Current difference between master and buildd branches

Roger Leigh rleigh at codelibre.net
Wed Jun 15 22:30:26 UTC 2011

[% git diff --stat master..buildd-0.62.3]
A     configure.ac                                  |    1 +
 B    debian/buildd.postinst                        |    7 +
 B    debian/buildd.postrm                          |    7 +
 B    debian/buildd.preinst                         |    7 +
    E debian/changelog                              |   91 ++
    E debian/control                                |    2 +-
  C   debian/sbuild.install                         |    1 +
  C   etc/Makefile.am                               |   38 +-
  C   etc/genprofile                                |   60 ++
  C   etc/profile-templates/all/all/fstab           |    5 +
  C   etc/profile-templates/all/freebsd/fstab       |    1 +
  C   etc/profile-templates/all/linux/fstab         |    2 +
  C   etc/profile-templates/buildd/all/config       |   19 +
  C   etc/profile-templates/buildd/all/copyfiles    |    6 +
  C   etc/profile-templates/buildd/all/nssdatabases |    6 +
  C   etc/profile-templates/buildd/freebsd/fstab    |    3 +
  C   etc/profile-templates/buildd/linux/fstab      |    3 +
A  D  lib/Sbuild/Build.pm                           |    5 +-
A     lib/Sbuild/Control.pm                         |  197 ++++
A     lib/Sbuild/Control/Changelog.pm               |   62 ++
A     lib/Sbuild/Control/Fields.pm                  |  603 +++++++++++++
A     lib/Sbuild/Control/Hash.pm                    |  524 +++++++++++
A     lib/Sbuild/Control/Info.pm                    |  203 +++++
A     lib/Sbuild/Control/Makefile.am                |   37 +
A     lib/Sbuild/Control/Types.pm                   |   57 ++
A     lib/Sbuild/Deps.pm                            | 1200 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
A     lib/Sbuild/InternalResolver.pm                |    2 +-
A     lib/Sbuild/Makefile.am                        |    8 +-
A     lib/Sbuild/ResolverBase.pm                    |    6 +-
A     lib/Sbuild/Storable.pm                        |  144 +++
A     lib/Sbuild/Version.pm                         |  398 ++++++++
 31 files changed, 3696 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

A=Backport of missing/incompatible Dpkg:: modules for lenny
B=conffile deletion
C=buildd profile for schroot
D=HOME=/nonexistent for host command execution
E=packaging changes (changelog and lenny deps)

A is the vast bulk of the diff.  It's solely for Lenny compatibility.
  I would like to drop this when the last lenny buildd is upgraded to
  squeeze (or possibly sooner; see below).
B I was never entirely sure why we deleted the older conffiles outright,
  on upgrade, because this caused some breakage when buildds using the
  deleted conffiles tried to use them.  This was one of the reasons
  behind HOME being undefined (in this case because schroot's
  nssdatabases setup script was no longer copying the passwd/group dbs
  into the chroot due to the database list being missing).
  Can this be dropped?
C Retain schroot buildd profile in sbuild.  Moved to the schroot
  package in unstable, and removed from sbuild.  Kept in the buildd
  branch for lenny/squeeze compatibility.
D +    $host_defaults->{'ENV'}->{'HOME'} = '/nonexistent';
  As discussed with phil in IRC, I don't think this is appropriate
  for commands run on the host (it's fine inside the chroot), and
  I'd like to revert it.
E Nothing particularly special here.  The control file contains
  schroot deps for lenny, which can be reverted once we no longer
  support lenny.  The rest is just changelog entries.

So if it's OK, I'd like to revert B and D now.
C can stay as long as we continue to support squeeze.
A and bits of E can remain as long as we support lenny.

The requirement to support lenny does impose a maintenance burden
due to the amount of backporting and workarounds required.  Is it
absolutely essential that all buildds run the same buildd/sbuild
versions?  If we could draw a line at some point and drop the lenny
compatibility stuff, this would make it possible to make some
significant improvements to sbuild which are currently not possible
e.g. due to requiring perl modules not in lenny.  It's simply not
practical to backport all needed modules into sbuild, and doing this
also brings risks of its own.  This would of course not preclude the
continued backporting of changes to the last buildd branch supporting
lenny, though this would of course also impose its own maintenance


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