[buildd-tools-devel] [GIT] sbuild annotated tag sbuild-0.37 created. release/sbuild-0.37

Roger Leigh rleigh at alioth.debian.org
Sat Jun 25 10:42:29 UTC 2011

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "sbuild".

The annotated tag, sbuild-0.37 has been created
        at  519ba088c0647ea507825f8859ceccf1fd96aed9 (tag)
   tagging  de73500af37cbc9f316dac8e780a3f1c644f9695 (commit)
  replaces  release/sbuild-0.36
 tagged by  Roger Leigh
        on  Sat Sep 15 18:03:46 2007 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging sbuild version 0.37 for release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)


Roger Leigh (200):
      * configure.ac:
      * schroot/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Correctly distribute
      * debian/rules: Install the lintian override.
      * Version 0.1.5.
      * Update API reference.
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c (sbuild_session_setup_chroot): Set
      * Fixed minor typos in API reference.
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c (sbuild_session_setup_chroot): Call
      * Translate g_warning messages.
      * Updated documentation.
      * schroot/schroot.conf.5.in: Document "mount-options".
      * schroot/setup/50chrootname: Use ${CHROOT_MOUNT_LOCATION}.
      * schroot/setup/10mount: Use $CHROOT_MOUNT_DEVICE.
      * schroot/setup/Makefile.am (setup_SCRIPTS): Distribute 00check
      * TODO: Update.
      * schroot/sbuild-chroot.c (sbuild_chroot_new_from_keyfile):
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c (sbuild_session_class_init): Add a new
      * schroot/sbuild-chroot.c
      * debian/changelog: Bump version to 0.1.6.  Document run-setup
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c (sbuild_session_run): Move chroot mount
      * debian/preinst, debian/postinst: Preserve schroot.conf changes
      * schroot/sbuild-chroot.c
      * schroot/schroot.1.in: Document new setup script parameters.
      * debian/rules (config.status): Set $localstatedir when running configure.
      * Update API reference.
      * schroot/schroot.1.in: Document new session.d directory.
      * schroot/setup/00check: Remove "session-start" check.
      * Update documentation.
      * schroot/schroot.conf.5.in: Update documentation.
      * schroot/sbuild-config.c (sbuild_config_load): Report GError
      * schroot/sbuild-lock.c: Minor documentation and error message
      * schroot/setup/Makefile.am: Distribute 05lvm.
      * configure.ac: Output schroot-setup.5
      * debian/changelog: Manual pages say "schroot" rather than
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c (sbuild_session_setup_chroot): Use new
      * All manpages updated to document the new names and directory
      * Version 0.1.6.
      * schroot/schroot.1.in: Restore session options.
      * debian/changelog: Bump version to 0.1.7.
      * schroot/sbuild-chroot-lvm-snapshot.c
      * Update documentation.
      * schroot/sbuild-lock.c (sbuild_lock_set_device_lock): Remove
      * debian/rules (config.status): Add --libexecdir option to
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c (sbuild_session_run): For LVM
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c (sbuild_session_run): If a chroot sets
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c (sbuild_session_run): Set and unset the
      * po/en_GB.po: Updated translation.
      * TODO: Remove chroot default item.
      * schroot/sbuild-config.c
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c
      * schroot/schroot.c
      * schroot/schroot.c (main): Abort if more than one chroot is
      * schroot/schroot.c
      * schroot/schroot.1.in: Document --recover-session.
      * Updated documentation.
      * schroot/schroot.c
      * schroot/schroot-options.c
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c
      * debian/schroot.init: Use --quiet option to suppress an
      * TODO: Remove completed items, and update new items.
      * Version 0.1.7.
      * debian/changelog: Update for 0.1.8.
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c (is_group_member): Don't fail if the
      * debian/changelog: Update.
      * debian/changelog: Update.
      Update copyright notice with current FSF postal address.
      Split changes files sent in the log every 1000 characters, to better
      Always show versions of installed build dependencies.
      Split changes files sent in the log every 989 characters, to better
      Always purge packages when building in a chroot.
      Output purged packages line by line, rather than all at once.
      Use strftime() and getpwuid() instead of the external commands date and whoami.
      Use /var/lib/sbuild/apt.conf if it exists, and create it if it does
      Allow arch: all packages to be built when $main::build_arch_all is true.
      Hardware DEBIAN_FRONTEND to "noninteractive" when installing and purging
      Fix support for '~' in version numbers.
      Add Sbuild.pm (upstream WannaBuild.pm), and replace version_cmp() with
      + Add REDO support for binNMUs.
      + Delete binary-all packages that we didn't ask to be built.
      + Remove watches.
      avg-pkg-build-space.1: Update text.
      Add $conf::chroot_only for compatibility with upstream, even though we don't
      Add full stop to SEE ALSO line.
      - sbuild.conf:
      Make strftime() usage more consistent, with no trailing newline.
      Move sbuild.conf.local changes outside the SVN merge section.
      Add $conf::dpkg_source.
      Add $build_env_cmnd.
      Fix typo.
      + Merge whitespace and indentation changes.
      shutdown(): Don't close the package log if there is no current job.
      Remove redundant assignment.
      read_build_essential(): Read build-essential from $main::chroot_dir
      Set $main::arch using $conf::dpkg.
      Add @main::toolchain_pkgs and @toolchain_regex.
      analyze_fail_stage(): support install-deps-env() and chdir to $main::cwd.
      More whitespace and indentation changes.
      check_space(): Redirect stderr of du to /dev/null.
      run_apt(): Complete support for "install-deps-env".
      Add --use-snapshot for building with gcc-snapshot.
      build(): Remove dpkg-buildpackage debugging statements.
      merge_pkg_build_deps(): Correctly separate depdendencies in $deps,
      Remove support for --store-built-packages.
      get_dpkg_status(): Check $version is set and compute $result in the
      run_apt(): Remove '*' from $pkgs and $rpkgs.
      install_deps(): purge packages with "dpkg --set-selections".
      fetch_source_files(): Support versioned fetches with apt-get.
      When running dpkg --set-selections, use $main::chroot_dir rather than
      Fix typo.
      Merge whitespace changes.
      Add support for auto_giveback_socket: add an extra argument to
      Support new --make-binNMU options.
      Add support for $conf::chroot_only, and default to only running in a chroot
      cleanup_close: Set $main::current_job to "" and shutdown if
      Move "Package claims to have built" error message to the same place as
      Add support for building from experimental.
      * Convert all sources from GObject-based C to ISO C++.  This
      * schroot/sbuild-config.cc (load): Add GKeyFile error checking.
      * All typedefs and enums have been moved into the class
      * Remove GLib types (gboolean, gchar, gint), and replace with
      * schroot/sbuild-auth-conv-tty.cc, sbuild-auth.cc: Add support for
      * Replace all use of glib/gi18n.h with sbuild-i18n.h.
      * schroot/Makefile.am: Replace $(GOBJECT_LIBS) with $(GLIB_LIBS).
      * schroot/sbuild-chroot.h (sbuild::Chroot::format_detail):
      * schroot/sbuild-session.cc:
      * debian/control (Build-Depends): Add libboost-dev and
      * schroot/sbuild-util.cc: Remove format_string.
      * configure.ac: Remove checks for Glib.  Glib is now completely
      * schroot/sbuild-session.cc (is_group_member): Use new rather than
      * Remove typedef'd enums in favour of plain enums.
      * schroot/sbuild-session.c:
      * Convert all classes to use runtime_error_custom, and remove all
      Remove gtk-doc data.
      * Convert all inline gtk-doc documentation to Doxygen format, and
      * Document remaining undocumented functions and typedefs.
      * schroot/sbuild-auth-conv-tty.h: (sbuild::AuthConvTty): Rename
      * schroot/schroot-options.cc: Always qualify string_list with
      * Add doxygen support to configure and doc/Makefile.am, and
      Add schroot-stamp.
      * configure.ac: Bump version to 0.2.0, following the C++ and
      * schroot/sbuild-nostream.h: Rename m_sbuf to nbuf.
      * doc/schroot.dox.in
      * NEWS: Bump version to 2.0
      * schroot/sbuild-chroot-plain.cc (read_keyfile): Use keyfile
      * schroot/sbuild-config.cc (load): Insert chroot name into alias
      * schroot/sbuild-chroot.h
      * All code updated to use Chroot::chroot_ptr.
      * Replace all format_detail_* typedef usage with format_details.
      * schroot/schroot-options.h: Fix include guard naming scheme.
      * schroot/schroot.cc (main): Use actions rather than old bool
      * schroot/sbuild-chroot-lvm-snapshot.cc (setup_session_info):
      * Change all instances of "const T&" to "T const&" for
      * schroot/Makefile.am (AM_CXXFLAGS): Add additional warning flags.
      * schroot/sbuild-auth.cc (run): Fix casting to "const void **".
      * Updated copyright notices to include 2006 changes.
      Ignore precompiled headers (.gch).
      * schroot/sbuild-types.h: Remove env and env_list typedefs.
      * schroot/schroot-options.cc (Options): Rewrite the checks which
      * Actually commit the new environment class.
      * schroot/sbuild-auth.cc: Log a warning if construction fails.
      * schroot/sbuild-session.cc
      * debian/rules: Build and run the testsuite in the build target.
      * doc/Makefile.am (all-local): Don't rebuild doxygen documentation
      * Add copyright and GPL boilerplate to all testcase code.
      * po/sv.po: Add Swedish translation.
      * Update API reference.
      * Remove completed and obsolete TODO items.
      * test/sbuild-environment.cc: New file.  Tests for environment.
      * test/sbuild-keyfile.cc: New file.  Tests for keyfile.
      * test/sbuild-lock.cc: New file.  Tests for locking.
      * test/sbuild-nostream.cc: New file.  Test for nostream.
      * test/sbuild-log.cc: New file.  Test logging with stringbufs.
      * po/vi.po: Add Vietnamese translation.
      * schroot/sbuild-keyfile.cc
      * schroot/sbuild-auth.cc
      * schroot/schroot.cc (main): Only allow preservation of the user
      * schroot/sbuild-auth-conv-tty.cc: Move static data and functions
      * schroot/sbuild-environment.h: Remove completed TODO item about
      * test/sbuild-config.cc (class test_config): Update to use active
      * configure.ac: Update maintainer email address.
      * schroot/sbuild-config.cc (load): Catch and handle exceptions if
      * schroot/sbuild-session.cc (run_child): Search for the program to
      * test/sbuild-parse-value.cc: New file.  Tests for parse_value.
      * Update documentation.
      * schroot/setup/05file: Filetype checks are now quiet.
      * schroot/sbuild-chroot.h: setup_session_info is protected and
      * configure.ac: Remove check for stdbool.h.
      * po/en_GB.po: Updated British English translation.
      * debian/changelog: Update for 0.2.0.
      * schroot/schroot-options.cc: Store positional arguments correctly
      * debian/rules: Don't run the testsuite.
      * schroot/sbuild-util.cc (find_program_in_path): Return the
      * schroot/sbuild-chroot.cc (create): Add support for "file" type
      * test/sbuild-chroot-file.cc: New file.  Unit test for ChrootFile.
      * schroot/schroot-options.cc: Beginning a session only works with
      * Version 0.2.0.
      * sbuild:
      Version 0.37.
      Fix mail address.



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