[Calendarserver-maintainers] pydoctor_0.2-2_powerpc.changes is NEW

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Sat Aug 4 12:02:57 UTC 2007

(new) pydoctor_0.2-2.diff.gz optional python
(new) pydoctor_0.2-2.dsc optional python
(new) pydoctor_0.2.orig.tar.gz optional python
(new) python-pydoctor_0.2-2_all.deb optional python
Python API document generator
 Pydoctor is a tool for generating API documentation for Python modules based
 on their docstrings via static analysis.
 It was written primarily to replace epydoc for the purposes of the Twisted
 project as epydoc has difficulties with zope.interface.
Changes: pydoctor (0.2-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * first upload to unstable (Closes #435847)
  * set calendarserver-maintainers as maintainers
  * no need for quilt at the moment

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