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Sun May 13 13:41:23 UTC 2007

My Dear Friend,
I am Maureen Haughey, widow of former Taoiseach of the Republic of
Ireland, Charles J. Haughey and daughter of former Taoiseach of the
Republic of Ireland and heir to de Valera, Sean F. Lemass.
The Press has written a lot about unresolved mysteries and corruption
surrounding Charles=92s dealings, but I tell you something,my Charlie was=
good man. He was human and he did whatever he did. People marvel why I
stuck with Charlie and didn=92t speak during the mess that came with the
exposure of his affairs with Terry Keane (I just hate to think of her). I
had to stand by him through the tribunal times=85. it was to do with what
I=92m doing now. No one knew the details of all Charlie=92s financial dea=
but me. I remain the only one who knows all who got loans from Charlie an=
didn=92t come back to pay when he was disgraced. I am the only one who kn=
about these monies and the other Ansbacher accounts.
I write to you, an old weary woman, sick and almost tired of living. My
end is near but I will not depart until my final mission is accomplished
and I also write this with an unshaken belief in the power of aspirations
and dreams of a human being.
The Irish government thinks it can shave and reduce me to a poor widow bu=
I have the winning ace.
A few years ago, when we weren=92t sure if my Charlie would be convicted,=
kept some money in trust for me in a Security and Finance company. He did
not open the account in our names so it will not be traced to us to enabl=
the past remain the past. The name on the account is Cedric de Vregille. =
never thought Charlie would leave me so soon and it never occurred to me
to ask if this name were fictitious or not or a name of any of his
friends. I have tried to find this man but to no avail. The amount he
deposited in this name is 30,000,000 (Thirty Million Euros).
I want an honest person to come forward and lay claims to this amount,
moreover to use the funds as instructed by me. I have all the documents
needed, I just need a face for the name. I have mapped out 10% of the
funds for you, as you will help us (you and I) execute this job.
As soon as I receive your acceptance for this work I shall give you
necessary details of my solicitor who will facilitate the release of the
funds in your name. Please reply me via my personal email:
maureenhaughey01 at
For my security and the sake of letting sleeping dogs lie, I strongly
advice that you keep our dealings confidential.

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