[Calendarserver-maintainers] Bug#499963: Bug#499963: calendarserver: caldavd fails to authenticate and autocreate principal when running with NssDirectoryService

Ben Poliakoff benp at reed.edu
Wed Oct 1 23:24:58 UTC 2008

Alright I see what's going on.  The NssDirectoryService is required by
the DirectoryService class to support three methods:


My server is configured to use files and LDAP for NSS calls.  We have
several thousand users in our LDAP directory and implement the default
limit of 500 search results.  As a result 'getent passwd' returns
a subset of all valid accounts (not including the 'benp' account).

'getent passwd benp' returns the entry for the 'benp' account just
fine; and when I manually add the result of 'getent passwd benp'
to /etc/passwd I'm finally able to connect with Lightning via
Kerberos/Negotiate auth as 'benp'.  The principal is autocreated and I'm
able to read and write to the calendar.

But a DirectoryService subclass is required to support a function
(listRecords) that returns *all* valid accounts.  This just isn't
compatible with our NSS environment.

I think I might take a stab at writing a generic LDAPDirectoryService
using your NssDirectoryService as an example.

So in the end this isn't really a bug with NssDirectoryService; but it's
probably worth noting in the documentation that NssDirectoryService will
only work properly within an environment where *all* valid users can be
retrieved via the equivalent of 'getent passwd'.  

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your time!


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