[Calendarserver-maintainers] Bug#861764: Bug#861764: closed by Guido Günther <agx at sigxcpu.org> (Re: [Calypso-maint] Bug#861764: calypso: Unicode error)

gregor herrmann gregoa at debian.org
Sat Dec 2 15:02:23 UTC 2017

On Sat, 02 Dec 2017 15:54:01 +0100, gregor herrmann wrote:

> > - check current calypso git
> >      https://github.com/calypso-server/calypso
> > and see if this look better? I'm running current git without any issues
> > since quiet some time and tests used to pass as well.
> https://github.com/calypso-server/calypso/commit/a3a397e05dca4d46bcaea237af6e5c69e5593059
> looks promising … Let's try.
> Yeah, after applying the hunk from this commit which changes webdav.py
> to /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/calypso/webdav.py the import
> works for all ics files!

With one minor glitch:
The commit message now says e.g.

"Modify <calypso.webdav.Item object at 0x7fbda7a88f10>"

where it used to say "Modify $SUMMARY ($DATE $TIME)" before.


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