[Cloud-packages] Please save me and my family from this mess

Mrs. Yasmina Ayoub m.sanusilamido4 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 16:56:16 UTC 2018

Dear Sir,

Could you please as a matter of urgency be of help to us in taking
custody of an amount of $5,000.000.00 to be moved into Jordan out of
Syria in the face of civil war all over Syria. Due to my husbands
position in the Syria Army and the treat in our life’s, it has become
very necessary and crucial for us to secure the family future.

All preliminary arrangement to move this fund out of Syria is in place
awaiting slightest opportunity and assurance from the diplomatic
source we are using to move the fund and are hopeful that in the next
72hrs it will arrive for safe keeping in a secured security trust
awaiting our nominee and trustee to take custody.

We are willing to negotiate percentage on the total amount in your
favour and will be very happy to hear from you upon receipt of the
classified message.

We appeal to you to keep this message very confidential as even the
security house in Jordan will not be made aware of content in the
consignment for security reasons.


Mrs. Yasmina Ayoub

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