[Cloud-packages] Allegiance Capital Currency Trading

Nicole Alexis C. admin at newjobo.cf
Thu Mar 29 16:25:30 UTC 2018

Stop waiting for life to happen!
Create it  with Allegiance Capital Network !!
We Practice What we Pledge !...

Allegiance Capital Network (ACN) makes efficient use of your invested capital on the stock exchange market to acquire

positive assets that will bring back profit to your invested funds. we start up your trading after validation of your

funding, we trade for you for a minimum of 1 week and then after you could request your payout or continue till another 2
weeks. All we get back is 10% from the total trading profits. For the Funding rates we have Basic,intermediate and Premium.

The basic starts from $100-$900, intermediate $1000- $14000,the Premium starts from $15000-$50000 and above based on
personal interest. The difference between the basic,intermediate and premium plan is the level of profit it generates every week.

Basic generates 10% profit,
Intermediate plan generates 15% profit , while premium plan is 30% profit.

ACN offers 5% referral bonus if you refer someone to this platform. All deposits are made during the weekdays, weekly
payouts are made on Fridays only.

We only accept bitcoins  only for safety and secured purposes.

A compulsory confirmation email should be sent to the groups email address below after each deposit made.

Thanks for keeping ACN moving !

Nicole Alexis Charles ,
Portfolio Manager
Allegiance Capital Network(ACN)
Kemp House
155-162 City Road
London, EC1V 2NX
Monday – Friday: 9.00AM – 5.00PM
Deposit are made from Monday-Thurdsay
payouts are made on Fridays only, we do not accept deposit on this day.
Saturday: Closed
Sunday:    Closed

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