[cut-team] LMDE Progress

Hadrien DUSSUEL hadrien.dussuel at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 10:21:49 UTC 2011

I'll write here a small information report about LMDE, which has 
enhancements similar to CUT:
Linux Mint Debian Edition, is, as the name imply, a new experimental 
version based on Debian Testing (since October 2010). Since early july 
2011, they have created an "update pack" system, similar to the CUT 
project. They snapshot the debian testing repository to an "incoming" 
repository, seek for showstopper bugs during a limited amount of time 
(between 1 week and 1 month), then update the "latest" repository with 
the almost-bug-free packages. The tester use incoming and the end-user 
use latest.
If some annoying-but-acceptable bugs are detected during the process, 
they try to inform about workarounds in they shiny-new mintupdate-debian 
which has an "update pack information" panel. For example, in their last 
"Update Pack 2", they inform that some programs have migrated to Gnome 
3.0, so the themes might not be correct. When Mesa or Xorg have problems 
with proprietary drivers, they try to report the next update pack, etc...

I think CUT Team should discuss with those devs !

Have a nice day,

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