[Cwidget-devel] Medical Doctor Listing in the United States

nomailhere at mail.cmi.vt.edu nomailhere at mail.cmi.vt.edu
Wed Jan 14 12:05:13 UTC 2009

Licensed Medical Doctors in the US 

Featuring the most accurate contact information in many different areas of medicine

you can sort by many different fields like state or zip

Now offered at the lower rate:  $395

+++ You get these for F-Ree with every order this week <><><>

--> Hospitals

==> Nursing Homes

+ Visiting Nurses & RN's

** Chiropractors

your rep is - : Cherry at expertmediasystems.com
good until Jan 16 _____________________________   to adjust your subscription status email to revoke at expertmediasystems.com

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