[D-community-discuss] Hey Ho Let's Go! (aka reviving debian-community.org)

Francesca Ciceri madamezou at zouish.org
Wed Mar 7 13:46:35 UTC 2012

Hi again :)

Just want to give you all (my dear lurkers) some update on the status
of the Local Group census. 
With the help of Alexander "eof" Reshetov, I've started to work on the
Local Group wiki page on wiki.debian.org: while I worked on the
readability of the page (reformatting a little the list), Alexander did a
really good work on checking if listed teams are still active.

More info on the status of this work can be found on the pad we're using
for coordination, here: http://titanpad.com/lOyhwNotwy.
Feel free to join us in this task, which is quite simple: go through the
list of local groups at http://wiki.debian.org/LocalGroups and check if
the group is still active (for example, looking on their website or IRC
chan or mailing list archive). 
Paul Wise suggested also to create a wiki page for each group listed,
so, we'd probably need to work also in that direction.
After this preliminary part, it will be probably a good idea to get in
touch with people from these groups, inviting them to join this mailing
list and discuss about the whole debian-community project.

Obviously, if you know about other groups (not listed in the wiki page)
don't be shy and just add them! Note that to edit wiki.debian.org you
just need to create an account on it.


"Nostra patria è il mondo intero
e nostra legge è la libertà
ed un pensiero
ribelle in cor ci sta."		P.Gori
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