[Dbconfig-common-devel] dbconfig-common/examples/db-example-2.1/debian db-test-mysql-perl.preinst, 1.1, NONE db-test-mysql.preinst, 1.1, NONE db-test-pgsql.preinst, 1.1, NONE db-test.preinst, 1.1, NONE

seanius at haydn.debian.org seanius at haydn.debian.org
Wed Aug 24 23:37:18 UTC 2005

Update of /cvsroot/dbconfig-common/dbconfig-common/examples/db-example-2.1/debian
In directory haydn:/org/alioth.debian.org/chroot/home/users/seanius/tmp/cvs-serv5282/examples/db-example-2.1/debian

Removed Files:
	db-test-mysql-perl.preinst db-test-mysql.preinst 
	db-test-pgsql.preinst db-test.preinst 
Log Message:
note that the second of these is not yet fully tested, so no release
just yet.  

    - add support for 'template' output format in dbc_generate_include.
    - dbc no longer provides preinst hooks, as we can't promise
      dbconfig-common will be there without pre-depends.  turns out
      there was a more graceful way to handle what we wanted to do
      in there anyway.  also updated example packages accordingly.
      thanks to Miguel (as well as Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt)
      for finding this (closes: #323620).

--- db-test-mysql-perl.preinst DELETED ---

--- db-test-mysql.preinst DELETED ---

--- db-test-pgsql.preinst DELETED ---

--- db-test.preinst DELETED ---

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