[Dctrl-tools-devel] [PATCH] Fix git ignore targets

Jon Bernard jbernard at debian.org
Fri Dec 7 15:13:57 UTC 2007

* Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <antti-juhani at kaijanaho.fi> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 02:33:54PM -0500, Jon Bernard wrote:
> > Files listed in .gitignore should not list files that are generated in
> > specific subdirectories. Add them in the ".gitignore" file in that
> > subdirectory instead.
> > 
> > For example, having "grep-dctrl" in ".gitignore" causes the directory
> > "grep-dctrl" and all of its contents to be ignored, rather than the
> > executable which was intended.
> > 
> Good :)
> Just one question: why did you move (almost) everything out of the
> toplevel .gitignore?  Do you expect us to have a directory named
> something~?

Most of the targets in the toplevel .gitignore were being used in
subdirectories. After a full build, I removed the .gitignore and noticed
that only libdctrl.a was necessary - so I removed the others. If you're
opposed to this, let me know, I'll put them back and update the patch.

On a side note, I would like to add (or update an existing) makefile
target to remove the ~ and .d files from the tree. The clean target
removes the executables but still leaves a bunch of cruft laying around.
How about a "distclean" target? What are your thoughts on this? My goal
is to have a makefile target that takes me back to a pristine tree
(assuming no changes were made).

On another side note ;), We will need to make some additional changes to
the makefile in order to properly move to CDBS, but I will outline those
suggestions in a separate thread, I have a few ideas there.

Do we have a date for the code freeze?

Hope things are going well.


Jon Bernard

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