[Dctrl-tools-devel] [SCM] Debian control file query tools branch, master, updated. 2.11-23-g75084cf

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho ajk at debian.org
Thu Jul 3 12:31:15 UTC 2008

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 75084cf7076eabf6b4398841a24dbd5ea84b5956
Author: Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <ajk at debian.org>
Date:   Thu Jul 3 15:30:57 2008 +0300

    debian/control: Make team maintenance official.
    Signed-off-by: Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <ajk at debian.org>

diff --git a/debian/changelog b/debian/changelog
index c14efb5..549df48 100644
--- a/debian/changelog
+++ b/debian/changelog
@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ dctrl-tools (2.13) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
   * sync-available/sync-available.cp: Use id -u, not $EUID, which is a bashism
     closes: #457788 (error in sync-available when /bin/sh links to /bin/dash)
     Reported by arno renevier <arenevier at fdn.fr>
+  * debian/control: Make team maintenance official.
   [ Gerfried Fuchs ]  
   * german po file update
diff --git a/debian/control b/debian/control
index a8e37ac..76f40ba 100644
--- a/debian/control
+++ b/debian/control
@@ -1,7 +1,8 @@
 Source: dctrl-tools
 Section: utils
 Priority: optional
-Maintainer: Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <ajk at debian.org>
+Maintainer: dctrl-tools developers <dctrl-tools-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
+Uploaders: Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <ajk at debian.org>, Jon Bernard <jbernard at debian.org>
 Standards-Version: 3.7.2
 Build-Depends: gettext (>= 0.11-0), gcc (>= 3.0)
 Vcs-Git: git://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/dctrl-tools.git

Debian control file query tools

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