[Dctrl-tools-devel] Bug#544521: dctrl-tools: nice example - and hint for subqueries :)

Gerfried Fuchs rhonda at debian.at
Tue Sep 1 08:11:59 UTC 2009

Package: dctrl-tools
Severity: wishlist


 Like mentioned on IRC, here is an example I came up with today through
kardan asking along the lines, though it's extremely slow because of
multiple queries. The snippet installs all available -dbg packages for
already installed packages:

$> sudo sync-available  # to have current data
$> grep-status -FStatus ' ok inst' -sPackage -n | \
   xargs -i grep-available -P -X {}-dbg -sPackage -n | \
   xargs sudo aptitude install

 Not completely sure how to optimize it, I think it might not be really
possible currently - and thus it runs for about 2 minutes before
aptitude picks up the results, on some recent systems.

 So long!

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