[Dctrl-tools-devel] Bug#651218: Bug#651218: Addendum

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Tue Dec 6 23:31:31 UTC 2011

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Hi Chris,

Le 06/12/2011 17:28, Chris Leick a écrit :

> I forgot the addendum (now attached).

Thanks, I just pushed your translation (and fixed a few building issues,
unclosed B<…> stuff mainly, Chris, you may wish to run
	po4a man/po4a/po4a.cfg
in the package directory to make sure your translation don't brake the
build next time) and the addendum. Please note that a few strings have
changed, but no need to update it right now: I proposed Antti-Juhani to
update the manpage after the runtime strings have been updated, I'll try
to take care of that before the end of the week.

LANGUAGE=de_DE.UTF-8 msgfmt -v man/po4a/po/de.po
331 übersetzte Meldungen, 3 ungenaue Übersetzungen, 3 unübersetzte

Antti-Juhani, I would be please to send a call for translation update
(around 10 days) before the next upload, can you please keep me updated
about the next timeline, and when you believe no more change would be
done in the English strings of the program (and manual pages)?

> Sie können mit dem folgenden Befehl das englische 
> Original anzeigen
> .RB "« " "man -L C"
> .IR "section page_de_man" " »."

This sound very French to me. Chris, do you also translate “manpage” and
“section” with “page de man” and “section” in German, I guess that you
also use »stuff« instead of « stuff » in German ;-).



P.-S.: thanks Chris for your translation, I'm pretty happy to confirm
that adding a new translation is as simple as dropping the new files in
their accurate place.

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