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Joerg Jaspert joerg at debian.org
Thu Nov 3 21:39:02 UTC 2011

Hello world,

I don't know if I really got everyone who should have a copy of this
mail in my CC list, so please forward it to wherever you think I am
missing. Thanks.

I just merged a patch from Ansgar to generate the Packages files without
the English description embedded inside them. Instead they are now
written into a new file, the "English Translation" file in
"main/i18n/Translation-en.bz2". They thus appear alongside all other
translated descriptions as "just another language". apt & co will (or
should) just download those Translation files to show the description,
as they do already for all other languages.
This lets us save quite a bit of space on our mirrors by not repeating
them as many times as we have architectures - and also enables
non-English-speaking users (and eventually multi-arch enabled APT) to
save on download size, as they no longer need to download a language
that is of no use to them or is already there.

As this is is a larger changeset we did not switch the official dists/
tree directly. Instead we are providing files generated in this way over
at  [1] for you to test with and report bugs you find in this
implementation or in the handling of it in whatever tool breaks
down. That location is updated right during dinstall so should always
contain current information.

Provided there are no showstoppers turning up we intend to switch the
official dists/ tree one month from now.

[1] http://ftp-master.debian.org/newdists/

bye, Joerg
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