[Dctrl-tools-devel] Dear Beneficiary

WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER westernunion.transferagency at yahoo.com.ph
Fri Nov 11 13:17:43 UTC 2011

Dear Beneficiary


On behalf of the Economic Community of West Africa States ( E C O W A S ) in affiliation with Western Union Campaign for Global Economic Crisis
eradication, we wish to notify you that your E-mail Address was among those that have not received their due funds due to one problem or the other and you have spent a lot of money on this in the hand of the impostors in other to get your fund but all to no avail.

The E.C.O.W.A.S. has awarded a compensation amount of $1.2 Million Unted State Dollars to all that has fall in such victim like you and you are to start getting your money as soon as you comply to this so follow the instructions bellow.

But unfortunately the Managing Director of this department called us this morning and reported that you have not completed the required fee of $155.00 which you are suppose to pay for the purchasing of your inheritance files before the transfer commerce we have programmed the entire funds into our system to enable you pick up $5,000.00 daily also The funds transfers are all in place for you to collect now but we have to purchase your payment file due to the huge amount of money involve. 

However we have already sent out the funds but not yet been putting on your name as the receiver.Therefore you are advice to send us the required fee of US$155 so that we can purchase your payment inheritance files and put your name on the receiver of the transfer to enable you pick up the money. 

You are advised to comply immediately you receive this mail to enable us carry out our duties effectively and urgent as we have schedule because all necessary arrangement has been completed. Be rest assured that immediately we receive the activation fee today, we will purchase your file and your entire transfer valued of $1.5million within 3hours and commence with the release of your daily payment $5,000 each morning until your fund is completely transferred to you.


MTCN #----------- 6640576456
Sender's First Name------ PRINCE
Sender's Last Name---------- OGBONNA

Amount sent---------$5,000

We advise that you visit our website (www.westernunion.com) and go to track, put in the senders name and MTCN No. and see that your money is there but needed the above stated fee to re-direct the transfer to you for your easy pick up. "Note that within 72hrs if you do not remit the required $155.00USD the transfer will be retrieved back and remember that the money detail given to you does not bear your name as the receiver yet until you make the required payment of $155 USD, then we will put your name as the receiver.

Get back to us through our Email ( western.org at w.cn ) to enable us give you the information where you will make the payment. 


Mr Felix Sambo Sambo
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