Marcus Moeller
09 Apr 2003 13:41:22 +0200


first I want to tell a little about myself. My name is Marcus Moeller
and I am developing a Debian based Distribution that fit's on a 180 MB
CD. It's called miniwoody.

I have rewritten the complete base-config script to make it more usefull
for Desktop installations.

I am asking for several things, like 'Do you want to install hardware
autodetection' or 'Do you wan't to install magicfilter to configure your
printer' during setup.

I noticed that most of the pplz find this very usefull, so I am thinking
of a way to implement within Debain itselfs.

The problem is that Debian is not really made for Desktop installation,
and someone who want's to install a server is not willed to be asked
questions like this.

So the there has to be a possibility to decide whereever you wan't to
install the system on. Do you wan't to install a server / desktop / or
something completely different?

Perhaps taskselect could be used as basement for that. But I don't like
the way of using special override files. I would prefer something like a
'software database' where software the the user want's to install is