[debhelper-devel] Bug#830309: freetype FTBFS: install: cannot change permissions of 'debian/libfreetype6-dev/usr/share/doc/libfreetype6-dev': No such file or directory

Niels Thykier niels at thykier.net
Sat Jul 9 11:54:50 UTC 2016

Sven Joachim:
> [...]
> Attached is a patch which fixes both the original problem and the
> regression.

Thanks :)

> It seems to me that dh_installdocs really needs a testsuite
> for all the possible cases though.
> Cheers,
>        Sven

Indeed, I have been missing that for several debhelper tools.  It would
need some infrastructure in place and probably have to be optional to
keep build-depends minimal.


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