[debhelper-devel] Bug#822670: dh-systemd should be merged into debhelper

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Mon Jul 11 22:30:36 UTC 2016

Am 26.04.2016 um 11:24 schrieb Raphaël Hertzog:
> Package: dh-systemd,debhelper
> Severity: wishlist
> Hello dh-systemd maintainers and debhelper maintainers,
> with the adoption of systemd as default init system for quite a while now,
> it does not make sense that we have to Build-Depend on dh-systemd and use
> dh --with systemd to be able to properly manage systemd units.
> Please work together to find a way to merge dh-systemd into the standard
> features of debhelper 

With todays upload of src:init-system-helpers, the move from
dh_systemd_* from dh-systemd to debhelper has been completed.
Do you think we should do a MBF for getting the reverse
build-dependencies updated to use a versioned b-dep on debhelper (>=
9.20160709) instead of dh-systemd? Or should we add a lintian check for now?

Comments welcome.

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