[Debian-arabic-packages] user-* meta packages and scripts

Mohammed Adnène Trojette adn at diwi.org
Tue Oct 10 22:08:26 UTC 2006

On Tue, Oct 10, 2006, Lior Kaplan wrote:
> I thought to mimic the user-he package with several user-* meta packages
> and scripts.

Isn't there a Hebrew task in tasksel?

At least, there is an Arabic task. And I think it would be great to have
a Hebrew one.

> Main goal for these packages:
> 1. depend on all relevant language package (spell checkers, fonts, tools
> and such).
> 2. Have a script to configure the environment for the language (generate
> locale, change default locale if requested and setup X keyboard layout).
> What do you think ?

If that is not too redundant with the task, I will be all for it!

If it is, so just "configuring the environment" may be interesting. But
then why not a user-language that asks what language a user wants and
configure the system for it? This even may already exist, as it is done
in the installer.

Thanks for the suggestion,
Mohammed Adnène Trojette

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