[Debian-arabic-packages] Etch freeze and some packages!

Lior Kaplan kaplan at debian.org
Fri Oct 20 19:52:16 UTC 2006

Alan Baghumian wrote:
> 2) About ttf-freefarsi, I should file a ITP for it. There is a package
> that can be used for initial review:
> http://parsix.org/packages/pool/main/t/ttf-freefarsi/

Hi Alan,

I've reviewed the package from the link you gave. My comments are:

1. orig.tar.gz:
   - The orig.tar.gz contains a directory with .orig in it's name.
Please recreate it with the correct directory name.
   - It also contains two files which aren't present in the fpf-1.0.zip
from the website you linked to. They are the COPYING and NEWS file. You
can't provide a license of you own if upstream didn't provide one.
Please talk with Navid to upload a new zip file to source forge with
copyright and license clauses.
   - I think the NEWS file is use less.

2. debian/copyright:
   - You mention Abbas Izad as the copyright holder. Which year is the
copyright from? Why didn't he provide a license file. And there's no way
to contact him for questions about the license. Please add his email.
   - Please use the template from dh-make package for this file.

3. debian/changelog:
   - "Minor package fixes" isn't a good changelog entry.
   - Please have the ITP bug closed with a new entry. This will also be
the mark for the real Debian upload.
   - Why did you decide on 1.0.0alpha-parsix4 as your version when
upstream version is 1.0 ? (I understand the parsix part, not the rest).
   - You might want to use the ~ sign to mark pre-releases (1.0~1 is a
considered smaller than 1.0).

4. debian/control:
   - Please have debian arabic as the maintainer and me/adn as uploader
after you.
   - Change the description to be more detailed, and separate the url to
 a new line (Homepage: http://...).
   - Add defoma to build-depend-indep (see bellow why).

5. debian/rules:
   - Use dh_installdefoma instead of writing you own postinst, prerm
files. No need to reinvent the wheel.

6. The README.debian file is useless, and doesn't really give you any info.

7. The defoma hints file should be in the debian dir and not in the
source dir.

I know it looks a lot, but this is meant to be a constructive criticism.
I'm glad to see non-DDs working on packages. Let me know if there are
questions about the issues above.

The copyright/license issues from items 1 and 2 are release critical
bugs, this means I won't upload the package until they are sorted.


Lior Kaplan
kaplan at debian.org

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